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My name is Andrew (Andy) Collignon. I originally got into photography in high school (yearbook editor) and continued through college (sports photographer for United Press International (UPI) and yearbook photo editor at the University of Kentucky). Immediately after college time was scarce so I gave up my hobby. Recently, my kids are getting into sports and other activities so I have once again started taking pictures. I have also started shooting a few sports and other assignments for the Brentwood Home Page

Sports photography has always been my favorite and I have been told I have taken a few good photos recently . . . So I have set up this web site to allow people to purchase photos taken on my BHP assignments that they may be interested in. I will probably also load a few general interest photos like those in the Charleston and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina portfolios.

I mainly shoot as a hobby but good camera equipment is expensive so . . . hopefully the pricing I have set up is reasonable allowing you to purchase my photos which in turn allows me to take better pictures  - see how that works.

So far I have shot a few high school basketball games and a hockey match. I hope to shoot more activities as Spring sports begin.


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